Power Points

One thing that people never seem to have enough of (apart from money & time!) is electrical power points.


Having numerous electrical appliances plugged into power boards or on power points can be dangerous as there is always the risk that it will become overloaded,. This will cause the circuit breaker to ‘trip’. If there is no circuit breaker, or an insufficient circuit breaker the wires can melt and there is a risk of house fire.

Be mindful that there are considerations when installing & positioning power points in your home.  The Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3000:2007) has rules in place. The electricians at Western Suburbs Electrical know these rules well and can guide you through the correct positioning of your required power points.

There are many configurations and options available (click here for ideas) but as a general rule of thumb it takes approximately 1 hour to install a power point. Bear in mind that this does not include “chasing” time. It’s a good idea to have a look around your house and see if you require a power point (s) in other areas. It’s cheaper to have a few done together rather than ringing the electrician each time you discover you need another power point!

What’s the cost of a power point?.


A popular question we hear is “how much does it cost to install a power point?”  Many things need to be considered before we can answer. The question is a bit like phoning a panel beater after crashing your car and asking” how much will it be to fix it.” We can often give an estimate of price over the phone but sometimes it is in everyone’s interest to have a site visit & then the job can be quoted.

Our electrician’s use Clipsal products including Clipsal power points. We choose to support Australian industry and the majority Clipsal’s products are manufactured in Adelaide. Clipsal has a reputation for providing a product range which is excellent quality and safe.

See this blog post to read about power point positioning in the kitchen.


Talk to Andrew at Western Suburbs Electrical about where you would like extra power points installed.

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