Pendant Lights



A pendant light is a light that hangs down from the ceiling using a rod, cord or chain. They have the appearance of a pendant necklace (hence the name). Pendant lights are incredibly versatile and can be used in most rooms of your home.


Pendant Light Uses

Pendant lights are a great way to illuminate large spaces. They are used for purpose (or task) lighting, general lighting, ambient lighting and also simply for decoration. I personally believe that pendant lights also add a sense of proportion to a room.At the moment hanging three pendant lights over an island bench in the kitchen is very popular.

My personal favourite is the use of pendant lights over bedside tables. This concept is useful if you have limited space either side of the bed. It also creates a classy and unique look.

Pendant lights are ideal for use in large homes and homes that have very high ceilings


Types of Pendant Lights

There is no end to the different styles of pendant lights. They can be traditional in the form of a chandelier, contemporary, industrial retro, in fact whatever style you are planning for your room, there will be a pendant light to suit.



Things to Consider

before you purchase your pendant lights there are a few things you need to take into consideration:

  • In which room are you hanging the pendant lights?                                                                                                                                                               Pendant lights are suitable for every room in the house including the bathroom. I recommend that the pendant light is not hung past the mirror otherwise you will have a blocked view.                                               

    In the kitchen, rows of pendant lights over an island bench not only provide light but also create a visual divide between a kitchen and dining area.



    • What are you using the pendant light for? Ambience, purpose lighting or general lighting?  

      If your pendant lights are for task lighting you are best choosing ones that can accommodate bright globes. I recommend LED globes.They are efficient, last forever and provide great lighting.  Choose the warm white for an ambient glow and the white light for tasks.

    • What size pendant light do you require?

      A pendant light that is too small will appear insignificant whereas if it’s too big it will dominate and make a room feel cluttered.A good way to envisage how your pendant light(s) will look is by using a balloon. Blow it up to the approximate size your are thinking of having and hang it from the ceiling where you are wanting to hang your light.

    • What style will suit your room?

      As discussed there is a pendant light to suit every style.

    • What material do you want your pendant light to be made of?

      Just like styles, there are pendant lights made of every material you can think of.

    • Do you want one pendant light or a set of pendant lights?

      Pendant lights work well on their own but can look stunning in clusters, rows or placed at different heights. Have a play around with the balloons (see above) and see what design your prefer.