Security Lighting

Deter burglars by installing security lighting. Andrew at Western Suburbs Electrical is happy to provide advice regarding where to install the lights and will provide an obligation free quote.

Security lighting is one of the most cost effective ways of burglar-proofing your home and property. However, it is not as simple as installing as much external lighting as you can. Brighter lights, incorrect placing of lighting and stark flood lighting can cast long dark shadows which are a great place for that burglar to hide. Western Suburbs Electrical can advise on the most effective positioning of your lighting.

Choosing the right security lighting can be confusing. However, there are a few points to consider:

  • Install lighting at all entries to the home. Not only do they deter burglars, they are also asthetically pleasing. Just make sure the light is not too stark, you will be blinded by the light and squinting to see who it is when you open the door!
  • Install security lighting at a height that makes them tamper-proof.
  • Motion sensors are a good option. They save energy (and hence are cheaper to run) but you must position them carefully otherwise the neighbourhood cats will be setting them off all night.
  • Illuminate both sides of a building’s perimeter – just outside and just inside – to make intruders feel visible before crossing the perimeter.

Don’t wait until after your home has been burgled or car has been stolen from the garage. Call Andrew on 0438803446 and ask him to check out your security lighting. You’ll be glad you did. Security Lighting Perth