LED Downlighting

images-1Up until fairly recently LED downlights were considered a luxury item when renovating, building or even just replacing the old halogen downlights in your home. Now they are more affordable and hence many people are faced with the decision “LED downlights or Halogen down lights?”

As many of my previous customers will know, I always promote LED downlighting over halogen downlights.

The most important reason I would choose LED downlighting over halogen downlighting is that there is less chance of the prior causing a fire. There is enough evidence now to show that halogen downlights have caused house fires.

They are green. Lower energy useage means less greenhouse emissions and we all want to help save the planet for our grandchildren.

You will save ALOT of money on electricity. This is my favourite reason for using LED downlighting.

They do not emit as much heat and this means that your home will stay cooler in winter.

They last forever (almost!!) LED globes typically have a 30,000 hour life span compared to an average 2000 hours for a GU10 halogen globe.

You can choose between a cool white light or warmer white depending on the mood of your home.

Andrew at Western Suburbs Electrical can help you to choose which downlights to use in your home and where to install them for the best effect. It is important to know that not all LED downlights are created equal. There is a massive difference in quality and I would always recommend paying that bit extra to get the best results. I have recently installed low quality, cheaper LED lights (against my advice) only to be called back a few weeks later to remove them and install the higher quality units.

Another point to remember is to be cautious when buying LED downlights from overseas. Firstly they are probably not covered by a warrantee, secondly unless they are approved by Australian Standards a licensed electrician could be risking his livelihood if he installs them for you. Retailers in Australia are obliged to sell lights that have been approved by Australia Standards.

For all your LED downlighting requirements call us on 04388 03446 and speak to Andrew.