Ceiling Fans

The Perth summers are HOT. No doubt about it. Our electrician’s at Western Suburbs Electrical install at lease 3 ceiling fans a week during the summer months. Many people in Perth have air-conditioning in their homes nowadays but ceiling fans are still a good purchase.



In our house the air-conditioner is switched on only on 40 degree plus days. Unless of course the kids are home on uni holidays and we are at work!  The rest of the time we rely on the trusty fan for the following reasons:

  1. They are far less expensive to run than air conditioning units. With the cost of electricity rising surely this is a great reason!
  2. Ceiling fans move the air more evenly and more quietly.
  3. Ceiling fans don’t dry out the air like air-conditioners.
  4. Fans are more environmentally friendly.
  5. Ceiling fans can be reversed in winter & used in conjunction with your heater.

When choosing ceiling fans it is best to first look at the height of your ceiling. “Hugger ceiling fans” (or fans without a down rod) should be installed if you have a low ceiling. For high ceilings or raked ceiling use ceiling fans which have an extendable down rod.

If you are thinking of installing ceiling fans in your alfresco area ensure that they are suitable for wet or damp locations. Also think about where you want the control panel for the fan or if you would like the ceiling fans to be remote controlled.

There are lots of attractive ceiling fans on the market that will compliment your home and suit all design styles. Remember they must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Western Suburbs Electrical are the experts in ceiling fan installation and ceiling fan repair. Don’t put up with another uncomfortable summer. Call Andrew on 0438803446 to discuss what is best suited to your needs.