Garden lighting

In Perth we spend a huge amount of time in our outdoor areas. It makes sense to extend that time by installing alfresco or garden lighting, that way we can still enjoy our outdoor areas well into the evening and night. The fact that we don’t have daylight saving doesn’t help-lights need to be switched on to enjoy our evening outdoor lifestyle regardless of the time of year.

Some types of alfresco and garden lighting do not require wiring or thus the skills of a qualified electrician. Solar lighting is relatively inexpensive and can be installed easily, however it cannot be used to illuminate large areas as the lighting is quite “dim”.

Our electrician’s recommend the use of low voltage lighting in the garden.  The lighting comes in varying degrees of brightness, it is safe to use (and shock less) around children and pets. Low voltage lighting is economical and can cost efficient.

Extending the time spent in your area is only part of it. Garden lighting can provide a totally different view from the daylight perspective, be it for the summer barbecue, or as an alternative to closing the curtains on cooler, damper evenings. Part of the garden lighting design process is about choosing and applying creative garden lighting effects – then the task is to achieve a beautifully lit garden without seeing the light fittings, so skill in choosing the correct garden lights for the patio, terrace and features as well as outdoor lights for the house is the counterpart to artistic exterior lighting design.

Take the time to have a good look at your garden before deciding what outdoor lights to use. There are hundreds of lights to choose from with hundreds of effects. First you need to define your garden lighting needs by function – predominantly decorative effects highlighting features, trees, shrubs, water features and so on. But you may also need to consider path and step lighting for safety reasons and to guide visitors to your front door, wall lights for general illumination around the house, patio lighting for alfresco dining, barbecue lighting so you can see what you’re cooking, and so on. This will also help you to define what you may want to connect to separate switches or circuits.

Our electrician’s at Western Suburbs Electrical have extensive experience in installing outdoor lighting and can also advise on the design and location of lighting.

Beautiful Garden Lighting

Beautiful Garden Lighting