Here at Western Suburbs Electrical, we make sure we have everything our clients need for installation or repair. We provide a wide variety of electrical services in Perth and surrounding areas. We aim to broaden our reach, which will allow us to offer our services to other regions. It doesn’t matter how small or big your problem is. If you call for help, our electrician’s will be quick to respond.

Whether you are building your new home or in need of repairs, you can rely on our expertise. Our team of qualified electricians may visit the location and conduct a survey on the problem you reported to us. We can help in installing new wires or rewire existing systems to accommodate the changes in your facility. We want to be part of the construction or renovation of your home or commercial facility.

Other than wiring and rewiring, we also offer installation of lighting systems. Our expertise lies on both indoor and outdoor lighting installations. We can send our electricians and they will study how they can efficiently set up the outlets and connections you require. Our skilled team has enough experience on any kind of electrical requirement.

Western Suburbs Electrical also sets up smoke alarms and other safety features such as surge protectors. No hot water for your home? We can also arrange that for you. Name that electrical-related problem and our electrician’s have got it covered.