Exceptional Customer Service

Every electrical company on the web declares that they will offer you great customer service. What does it mean when Western Suburbs Electrical declares that they are dedicated to exceptional customer service?



  • Western Suburbs Electrical understands that our business is  all about YOU. Without your business our electrical company would be non-existent .  We are genuinely interested in what electrical work you are requiring. We make it our business to understand what challenges you may be facing.


  • When we work for you our electrical company takes the view that we are working “with you” as a team. If an issue arises requiring trouble shooting, we consider what “we” need to do to overcome that issue. Your troubles are our troubles and we genuinely  have the willingness to help.


  • Our electrical company is accountable. If we make a mistake we admit, we apologise and we fix it quickly. Sometimes accidents happen (that’s a fact of life). We take ownership of our mistakes and rectify them.


  • Andrew at Western Suburbs Electrical is accessible and easily reached. If he is up in a roof space or busy on a job your call will go to voicemail but he will always get back to you.


  • Andrew is an expert in the electrical field. He has been qualified for over 30 years and he has kept abreast with changes in the industry. If there is something that he doesn’t know he will find out!


  • Our electrical company aims to exceed expectations. We listen, we hear and we work with you to ensure that your electrical work is carried out efficiently, on time and at the best possible price.