All of our Labour is guaranteed for 3 years.

What does this mean?

This means that the electrician’s at Western Suburbs Electrical are completely committed to providing excellent customer service. Andrew is proud to boast that his labour is guaranteed for 3 years. With the majority of electrical companies their labour is guaranteed for only 12 months.

Having been a licensed electrician for many years, it also means that Andrew is confident in his ability and workmanship.

We understand that a good reputation and repeat business is essential for our survival, that last thing we want is an unhappy client. If you are less than satisfied with any aspect of our service, please contact us to discuss the issues.

If you have a legitimate complaint regarding workmanship within 36 months of completion of the contract,  it will be rectified by Western Suburbs Electrical. The labour is guaranteed for a 36 month period.

Check the small Print 

As much as our electricians will go all out to fix any issues that occur with workmanship, there are things that Western Suburbs Electrical will not be liable for:

a. Work of a clearly temporary nature (storm damage etc) will not come within the terms of the 36 month warranty.

b. Loss, damage or liability covered by any household insurance policy, for example storm, subsidence or landslip or for which compensation is provided by legislation.
c. Loss or damage caused by wear and tear or gradual deterioration caused by neglect in maintenance.
d. Loss or damage caused by work carried out by any other parties not subject to control by the Registered Time Served Contractor.
e. Loss or damage solely due to pre-existing defects not the subject of remedial work pursuant to the Contract which is the subject of the Warranty.

All materials, part fittings, etc will come under Manufacturer’s guarantees. 

The 36 month guarantee cover only operates if the Contractor is paid in full not more than 21 days after submission of final account.