Vampire Power! It’s alive and well and sucking those hard earned dollars from your piggy bank every time you pay your electricity bill.





Vampire power is not the amount of energy Count Dracula uses it’s basically another term for “stand-by power” or “phantom load.” It is the energy sucked by plugged-in appliances that are left on stand-by mode.

In our house we have a decidedly dodgy computer which is difficult to start so is left on for days at a time, fully charged phones are left in their charger and the X Box is continually on stand-by mode when not in use. I can bet that most domestic households are the same and Vampire Power is costing you money.

Here are some of the common appliances and their power consumption:

A Television on standby uses 10 watts per hour on standby.

A DVD player uses & watts per hour on standby.

Your computer modem uses 14 watts per hour (think how often it is left on day after day-well it is in our house!).

X Box 360 uses 3.1 watts on standby.

Digital cable box uses 43.5 watts per hour on standby (A huge guzzler!!).


Each individual appliance doesn’t use that much Vampire Power but together they add up.  It is thought that Vampire Energy is responsible for approximately 10% of your electricity bill.

The easiest way to slay these particular kinds of vampires is to turn all your appliances off and un-plug them when not in use. Simple, you don’t even need to get out a cross or garlic. 🙂

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