Under Cupboard Lighting

Under cupboard lighting is an essential addition to any kitchen. They are also the most popular, attractive and simple kind of task lighting for the kitchen.


Under cupboard lighting in the kitchen is an excellent example of task lighting. Task lights are designed to provide good illumination to spaces (particularly work areas)  with poor lighting.  The light source is directed onto the kitchen bench top that is shaded by the kitchen cupboard. This allows you to see clearly when performing your kitchen tasks.

As well as being useful under cupboard lighting gives your kitchen ambiance. Using differing light forms in a kitchen (or any other) space adds to the overall aesthetics.


under cupboard lighting



Generally under cupboard lighting consists of linear lights or puck lights. Linear lights are long and run along the length of the underside of the cupboard. Puck lights are round (usually) singular lights.

A good place to start when deciding which under cupboard lighting to install is selecting the light source preference. Different light sources produces differing lighting, colour, cost effectiveness and come in different styles.

Fluorescent Under Cupboard Lighting

The new fluorescent lighting has improved dramatically over the last 5-10 years. They are now quiet (unlike the old “buzzing” noise that used to happen when they switched on) and produce a bright white light that has an even distribution with no shadows. They are very energy efficient, emit a low heat and are long-lasting. The downside of the fluorescent lights is that the light can be a little harsh and they cannot be dimmed.

LED Under Cupboard Lighting

LED lights are extremely long lasting which reduces the need for bulb replacement. They are also extremely energy efficient.They are heat resistant and shock resistant. LED under cupboard lighting is available in a strip form which makes it very discreet and doesn’t take up alot of space. Some LED under cupboard lighting fixtures can cause excessive shadowing due to the arrangementt of the LEDs. LEDs are also comparatively expensive when setting up (however, this is outweighed by their energy efficiency and long life).

Halogen Under Cupboard Lighting

Halgoen lighting will make your granite bench top sparkle like no other under cupboard light and they are also the cheapest way to light under your cupboards. They are also dimmable so you can select your desired lighting tone.  However, they emit a fair amount of heat and aren’t very energy efficient.

Xeon Under Cupboard Lighting

Xeon bulbs produce a warmer light than fluorescent and LED lighting.They are also dimmable. Although energy efficient, they are nowhere near as efficient as LEDs (8000 hours for a Xeon compared to 35-50000 hours for the LED).




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