Electrically Rewiring a House

 Rewiring a house It is not unusual to be confused about when you should consider rewiring a house. Most people think that if  “it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” and  there are sometimes no untoward signs that your house may need to be rewired. Sometimes rewiring a house is an urgent matter and needs to be done for safety reasons.


However, you may be considering rewiring a house due to the age of the building or you may be renovating a house and want a more updated and efficient system. Other reasons for rewiring a house are:

  • Your property has not been rewired within the last 15 years or so it is very likely it is in need of rewiring.
  • Old-fashioned wires that are usually covered with black rubber (VIR which stands for “Vulcanised Indian Rubber).
  • Over heating signs on the socket outlets.
  • The safety switch trips frequently. (This sign is common in older homes).
  • Old-fashioned fuse boards and single socket outlets.
  • Old-fashioned round pin sockets or round light switches.

If you are uncertain if you need a house rewired or i f you need further information on the process call Andrew at Western Suburbs Electrical for a chat or leave a question on this form.

What to expect when rewiring a house.

Western Suburbs Electrical can assess your wiring & it may be the case that you only need a partial rewire. It could be the case that you don’t need a rewire at all and an upgraded electrical switchboard.

The amount of time it takes when rewiring a house and the amount of money it will costs typically depends on the size of the property, the layout of the electrical circuits and the number of power points and switches.

There are two ways to rewire a house, one way involves using concealed wiring over the walls and ceiling surfaces, the other way involves putting the wiring inside the wall & ceiling cavities. This involves cutting the brick/plaster & will mean you that you will have to have the patches of wall re-plastered. Or you could request a combination of both methods.
Can I live in the house whilst it’s being rewired?

 Most people live in the house whilst it is being rewired but obviously there is less hassle for you (and it’s easier for the electrician) if the property is vacant during the course of the rewire. Talk to the electrician and ask him about his work plan. This will enable you to camp out in one room and put as much as you can into temporary storage. To prevent delays avoid changing your mind about where you want sockets/lights.

It is a dusty and messy job and the carpets and/or floorboards will have to be lifted in order to run new electrical cables. You should have power maintained in your house for the majority of the time. Power will need to be off whilst the new consumer switchboard is being installed.


Andrew and his electrician’s at Western Suburbs electrical have carried out hundreds of house rewires and our customers have always been very happy with the results and our service. We place priority on good planning, careful preparation and always put the needs of the customer first!


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