RCD Won’t Switch Back On!?

It’s 9pm. You’re sitting on the sofa, eating something unhealthy (!) and watching a fantastic movie on the telly. Suddenly the TV goes off. There’s no power coming from the socket outlets in certain areas of the house (including power to your fridge/freezer). “No problem” you say RCD won't switch back onto the kids and rather smugly head off to the switchboard, flip the RCD back up to “on”. Power comes on for a few minutes then “poof” it’s off again. No matter what you try that RCD won’t switch back on!

If this happens to you don’t stress (too much!). There are things to do if you find that the RCD won’t switch back on.

  1. UNPLUG all appliances. That means UNPLUG them, not just turn them off  🙂
  2. If lights are effected turn them off too.
  3. Make sure that everything is unplugged, even that little pump to the kids fish tank.
  4. Turn the RCD back on and by process of elimination plug back in each appliance and turn it on. If it is a fault with the appliance the RCD will trip again. Voila problem solved!
  5. Check the RCDs every month simply by pressing the test button. This will trip the power connection. Press “on” and the power should come back on. If it doesn’t contact Andrew at Western Suburbs Electrical to fix the fault.

That’s the nicest scenario for when your RCD won’t switch back on. If you find that the above actions don’t resolve your problem contact us at Western Suburbs Electrical. Often we can talk you through fault finding over the telephone at no cost. If the RCD simply won’t switch back on though despite all attempts, we can visit and find a solution to your problem.

As we are very skilled at fault finding this does not take very long (usually) and we will have you up and running again in a jiffy!

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