Power Cut-Do Not Panic!

You are having a lovely evening in front of the telly. Feet up with a cup of tea and suddenly it all goes black! It’s the dreaded power cut!!!!!  In our day and age even a temporary power cut can create havoc. We live in an age where we are reliant on a constant supply of electrical power. It can be especially dangerous in nursing homes, hospitals and people relying on life supporting machinery.

There are many reasons for a power cut. Common causes are storms, lightening, heavy rain, dust (would you believe!), wildlife coming into contact with power lines and accidents such as vehicles hitting power poles and bringing down the lines.


It’s a good idea to be prepared for a power cut. In Perth it is almost guaranteed that you will have at least a couple each year. Items that are useful in the event of a power cut are:

  • Torches (not a good idea to use candles as they pose a fire risk).
  • Battery powered radio.
  • Extra batteries.
  • Mobile phone.

We do not recommend the use of candles (even though the kids will be desperate to do so) as they are such a fire hazard.

In the instance of a power cut the first thing to remember is don’t panic! The next thing you should do is go outside and look at your neighbour’s houses. If they still have power then there is evidently a fault with just your electrics. If the street is in darkness there is a supply issue.

Check your switchboard to see if the Residual Current Devices or safety switches have tripped. All being well it will be a simple case of resetting them and your electricity will come back on. If it is not the RCDs, check the power  lines near your home for damage. Ensure that you stay at least 10 metres away from them is they have fallen.

Contact Western Power’s Helpline 13 13 51  or click on the link to access their website. They can provide information on power interruptions in your area. 

If you have tested the RCD and ensured that there are no power interruptions in your locality contact Andrew at Western Suburbs Electrical on 04388 03446.


Many people have tropical animals or fish. To find out what to do with them in a power cut, click here.

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