Legislative Changes to Smoke alarms

From the 1st of May this year there were mandatary changes to the Building Code of Australia with regard to smoke alarms. These legislative changes to smoke alarms dictate that they must be interconnected where there is more than one alarm.

As far as I’m concerned this is a long time coming as I have always thought that there was a danger of residents not hearing a smoke alarm going off when they are asleep in another area of the building.
legislative changes to smoke alarms

At present these new legislative changes to smoke alarms are applicable to any buildings that are requiring smoke alarms installed after the 1st of May 2014. Anyone that had smoke alarms prior to this does not need to retrospectively fit interconnecting smoke alarms.


The new interconnection requirement affects:

  • people involved in transferring ownership of their homes
  • lessors (landlords) renting or hiring their homes
  • people involved in the installation of smoke alarms such as electricians and builders
  • Architects, building designers and building surveyors
  • local governments
  • real estate agents and settlement agent      
The WA Building Commissioner, Peter Gow, has pointed out that there is a 12 month transition period. This enables all relevant people to become familiar with the changes. The changes come into full effect from 30 April 2015. 


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