LED Carpets

Now this is what I call really impressive……..Philips and Desso (Dutch premium flooring manufacturer) have combined their expertise and developed LED carpets!

Philips Desso LED Carpets


Interior Design Magazine ranked this initiative as number 1 in interior design’s top 10. That is some weighty achievement! The carpets are undoubtedly revolutionary and could change the way in which we are provided with information. It is also predicted by Desso that these LED carpets will “provide many benefits in interior design including direction, inspiration and safety”.



The carpet is made of translucent plastic, strong enough to withstand the weight of people traffic.  The plastic is laid on top of a steel screen peppered with LEDs. It comes in many different colours and can change at the touch of a button.  It relies heavily  on the concept that the majority of people look down when walking and it is envisaged that these LED carpets will replace conventional signage, reducing clutter and increasing safety by actively leading people to the direction instead of just pointing the way.

Read more about the amazing LED lights here

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