Flush Mounted Socket Outlets

I’ve not yet seen these in Perth, I will be the first to let you know when I do manage to source them as I think that these flush mounted socket outlets are amazing and suit the sleek lines of modern kitchen and bathroom design to a tee.


Pic courtesy of http://www.trufig.com

The flush mounted socket outlets mean that there is no need for an unsightly wall plate. The socket is flush with the wall and barely visible. They can be installed anywhere a regular indoor socket outlet  would go. Because of their  very slim profile, the flush mounted socket outlets are less restrictive than other outlets from an aesthetic point of view. However, it is useful to note that they’re subject to the same electrical codes and restrictions as regular socket outlets.

It seems like the price of these incredible flush mounted socket outlets are a flair bit more expensive than the usual socket outlets. My hope is that these are a glimpse of things to come and in the near (or not so near!) future they will be optional for all home renovators sand builders.

The other thing about these flush mounted socket outlets is that they can only be installed into the wall when building or renovating. However, they can be installed into dry wall, marble, glass or any other surface that your wall is made of.

flush mounted socket outlet

pic courtesy ofhttp://bocci.ca/collection/22/

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