Exhaust Fans: Things to consider.

Choosing a new exhaust fan can be confusing. Western Suburbs Electrical has installed hundreds of exhaust fans over the years and  we can visit to advise on what fan would work best, however,  here is a list of considerations before you purchase a new exhaust fan.


  1. Do not choose an exhaust fan purely for how good it looks. The size of the room is most important. Measure the area prior to visiting the electrical store. The exhaust fan should have enough capacity to replace the air in the room about 10 times in one hour but this figure depends on the type of the room, particular uses, and expectations of the customer. IXL describes how to work out whether your choice of fan will be effective for the room. Click here to view.

  2. If buying an exhaust fan to replace an existing unit, consider the size of the hole. If you buy a smaller unit, you will need to patch up the ceiling. Our electrician will advise if there is any way it can be done without creating extra work for you.

  3. Find out how noisy the exhaust fan will be when in operation. A noisy fan can drive you loopy and you will be inclined not to switch it on. Fan noise is rated by sones—a scale that represents degrees of loudness. A rating of 0.5 to 1.2 sones means the fan is exceptionally quiet. Ratings of 1.5 to 2.0 sones is very good. Fans rated in excess of 4.0 sones tend to be noisy.

  4. Work out the best place for the exhaust fan. The most effective location is in the middle of the room but this is not always possible. Sometimes a window mounted fan is required. Bear in mind that this is trickier to install and will cost more in labour (and often in materials) than a ceiling exhaust fan.

  5. Check out how energy efficient the exhaust fan is. As a general rule, the quieter the fan, the less it costs to run.

  6. Do you want added extras? These include motion sensor activation (they turn on when someone enters the room), humidity sensing (turn on automatically when the room reaches a certain humidity) and built in heating with infrared heat lamps to name a few.

Regardless of type, size, location of the exhaust fan you want installing call Western Suburbs Electrical for expert advice and service.

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