Is your Electrical Lead Safe?

Electrical Lead Safety

Faulty electrical leads on appliances can cause electric shock if the user comes into contact with exposed wires or the electrical current. One of the causes of electrical fires happens to be leaving appliances (with faulty electrical leads) plugged in and switched on.

The electrical leads on your appliances are constantly being twisted, pulled, bent, coiled, walked on and moved about. This leads to wear and tear and eventually damage.

Often you are able to see the damage. The insulation (plastic covering the electrical lead) may be cracking or the cord grip inside the appliance may be working loose causing the insulation to come away from the plug base as in the picture below. This can cause wires to “short” and excessive current which in turn leads to over-heating and the possibility of fire.

electrical lead damage at base of plug


Sometimes you will not be able to see the that the electrical lead is damaged because the it is inside the lead.

In both cases the appliance will probably still be working as it should be but the faulty electrical lead has made it dangerous to use. As soon as you identify a damaged lead stop using the appliance and either call a qualified electrician to replace the electrical lead or replace the appliance. Don’t be tempted to fix it yourself with the use of tape.


Keep Electrical Leads in good working order

Keep electrical leads out of high traffic areas. Not only does this prevent people from walking over them and causing damage, it will also prevent falls from tripping.

Don’t run an electrical lead under rugs, this can lead to over-heating and the possibility of fire.

Never use nails or staples to attach an electrical lead.

Pull plugs out using the head of the plug NOT the electrical  lead.



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