Dogs and Electrical Safety

Dogs are not an awful lot different to children in the respect that they have very little idea about the dangers associated with electricity. Just like we safeguard our children around electricity our dogs and electrical safety should be high on the list of priorities.


DogChewing electrical cord

Puppies are really very similar to toddlers and you can start by applying the same safety measures.

Dogs and electrical safety tips are listed below:

  • Use socket outlet covers to prevent pups from sticking there curious tongues in the socket holes. Ensure that the ones that you use fit nice and tightly as “Fido” could easily work out a way of getting them off!
  • Very often your puppy will be attracted to the electrical cords on appliances. Use cord covers as necessary or cable tidies.
  • If your pup is attracted to a particular plug outlet or piece of wiring spray a pet deterrent which can be found at the local pet store.  Vinegar can also deter some dogs, but not all dislike the scent. Spray carefully though as you don’t want the liquid getting into the wiring. Hopefully the scent will put the puppy off the area and he’ll go looking for another “fun” activity.
  • If possible hide plug outlets and electrical cords behind furniture to make it more difficult for pup to get to.
  • Avoid the use of lamps with exposed bulbs and free standing lamps if you have a particularly playful pooch. Lamps can reach very high temperatures, especially halogens, and could easily start a fire if knocked over .
  • Dogs should not be allowed to have a nap behind electrical appliances such as computers, dryers, etc. Once again the bitter dog deterrent would be useful if he keeps going back to his favourite spot behind the TV!
  • Keep appliances near sinks and bathtubs a safe distance away from the water source. Your playful pooch may  knock radios, hairdryers etc into the water, creating a dangerous situation.


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