Cleaning Light Globes and Light Fittings

Ok, I’ll admit it. Cleaning light globes and light fittings isn’t high on my list of priorities but it really is something that should be done every 6 months or so (and I’ll admit it again-I usually neglect to do it until my wife has almost expired from nagging me!).


Cleaning light globes and light fittings

I guess you’re asking  “why the need for cleaning light globes and light fittings?” and I would say that the main reason would be that it’s not very aesthetically pleasing in an office, home or place of business to have yellowing, dusty and dirty globes and fittings. It makes the place look uncared for and not well maintained. Outdoor light globes and fittings can become particularly grimy and also make great homes for spiders. Cleaning of light globes in the kitchen should be done a bit more often as they quickly get a build up of grease and dust.


By cleaning light globes you are maintaing the efficiency of the globe. As dust particles build up on the surface of the globe, lighting efficiency is reduced. You could end up replacing a bulb because you think it’s fading when all it really needed was a clean.


  1. Make sure that you TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY to the light fitting. You run the risk of receiving an electric shock if you fiddle around with the light fitting whilst power is live.
  2. Ensure that the globe is cool/cold. Gently remove the light globe.
  3. Check for any frayed or loose wires. If there is any make sure that you get a qualified electrician to repair the light before it is used again.
  4. Bulbs can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Baby wipes or disinfectant wipes also do a great job. Let them air dry. Drying the globe or fitting with a cloth will create static electricity which attracts dust.
  5. Rub dry soap around the light globes thread. This prevents globes getting stuck in the socket. You  wouldn’t believe how many calls I get for this reason.
  6. Dust the light fitting with a dry cloth or duster. If the light fitting is particularly dirty you may need to take it down & wash with soapy water. Make sure that it is dried completely before you put it back.

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