Cheap Electrician

When sorting through your electrical quotes and deciding which electrician to go with, do you always chose the cheap electrician?

Cheap Electrician-is it the best electrician?

If so it might be wise to consider that the cheaper isn’t necessarily the best, in fact, the cheapest could be downright dangerous and end up costing more than just money!

Firstly check that your electrician is licensed-it is illegal to be practising as an electrician without it. One of the reasons he’s a cheap electrician maybe because he’s actually not an electrician. He may have only completed part of his apprenticeship or lost his electrician’s license over illegal work.

Check that you are comparing “apples with apples” when reviewing your quote. The cheap electrician may be quoting low but will add extras on when he commences the job. Make sure that your quote is itemised so that you are able to see what you are paying for.

Ask your cheap electrician what quality his materials are. Often the cheap electrician’s will use inferior products. Sometimes they use products that are imported and haven’t actually met Australian standards. You may find that the more expensive electrician is higher in cost because he uses superior products (which in the long run is more cost effective as the work will stand the test of the time and you won’t require another electrician for a long time).

Is your cheap electrician moonlighting? (doing work on the side of his usual job). This cheap electrician more than likely isn’t covered by insurance. What happens if he falls from the ladder and breaks his leg, or receives a fatal shock? This cheap electrician could also be using his regular employer’s van, tools and supplies. He will probably not be paying tax on the work either. Hardly an ethical (let alone safe) choice.

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