The Benefits of Dimmer Switches

Often the use of dimmer switches is overlooked when determining ways to reduce your power bill, however, when you dim a light by using a dimmer mechanism, you save approximately 98% of energy and about 10% on your electricity bill because by using a dimmer switch you are reducing the amount of electricity supplied to the bulb. This is not an insignificant saving! Dimmer switches also increases the life of the light globe (by reducing the stress on the globe filament) which means less maintenance.

 Dimmer switches

Essentially dimmer switches work by controlling the electrical current supplied to the light switch. This means that you can make the light brighter or dimmer just be turning a knob or pushing a button.

As I’ve discussed in previous blogs, lighting is extremely important in your home. Not only does it need to be functional but it also needs to enhance the surroundings as well as be aesthetically pleasing. Dimmer switches are one of the most effective & easiest form of light control.

Some people find standard lighting too bright (photophobia). Dimmer switches can be very useful in this case. Alternatively, others need bright lighting due to visual impairment, or need just a little extra light to supplement the home’s natural light. Once again dimmer switches would be very effective.

Ideally it would be a good idea to have dimmer switches installed in every room (apart from perhaps the laundry, as I can’t imagine why you would need to control the lighting in this room-maybe you could suggest a reason?). However, if this isn’t a possibility, have them installed in the rooms where your lighting needs fluctuate such as the bedroom, theatre room & living room.

One last benefit of using dimmer switches (according to is that they make you look better! Think about it- dimmed lights create the same effect as candles. The soft lighting is flattering no matter how good looking you may be. Reason enough for me!

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