Bedside Pendant Lighting

Want to save some space? Would you love a new lighting idea for your bedroom? Why not consider have bedside pendant lights installed?


bedside pendant light



It’s common place to see pendant lights used over kitchen bench spaces but I personally think that the bedside pendant lights are a great bedroom design feature. They make a change from the run of the mill bedside table lights. Western Suburbs Electrical have been installing increasing numbers of the bedside pendant lights over the last 18 months and I think that their popularity is here to stay.






Have a play around with bedside pendant light configuration. Hang two or three on each side at different levels. Have one only on one side and a matching table lamp on the other.




There are bedside pendant lights to suit everyones taste. Contemporary, traditional, retro, mid century modern, industrial, classical. I found some great Australian websites that sell some great pendant lighting. Click on the links below for more details:

Fat Shack Vintage 


Lighting Superstore

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