Have I hired the best electrician?

When looking for an electrician do you  enter “electrician” into Google search engine and pick the top name, then hope for the best?

Not a great idea! There are many things to consider when choosing an electrician:

Qualifications: The number one priority is to ensure that your electrician is qualified and licensed. Using an unqualified electrician is not only illegal but also highly dangerous. Electricity is a killer and only trained individuals should be working with it. Don’t be shy-ask the electrician to show his license to you.

Reputation: Ask family, friends and work mates if they know of any good electricians. Word of mouth is the best recommendation. Your local Real Estate Agency may be able to recommend an electrician.                                                                                                                                                       Ask the electrician if it would be possible to see previous work or speak to a previous client. An honest electrician will not have any problem with this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It is very likely that the electrician with a good reputation will be busy-don’t be put off by that. The best electrician is worth waiting for

CostWe all want the best job done at a reasonable price (although some would like the best job done for nothing!). Nobody likes to feel as though the electrician has ripped them off. However, making the decision to hire based on the hourly rate is not a great idea. The cheapest electrician is certainly not the best, and often you really do get what you pay for. Try to get 3 quotes, be mindful that some electricians will give a surprisingly low initial quote and then “load” up with extras when doing the job. Make sure that your quote is itemised and includes ALL the work.

Insurance: Check that your electrician is covered by worker’s Compensation Insurance- otherwise YOU will be responsible if something happens on your job. An electrical contractor should also have Public Liabilty Insurance.

Personality: This probably doesn’t matter too much if you are only calling the electrician in for a quick half hour job but if you are performing a renovation or likely to be needing the electrician on a regular basis for a while it is wise to choose someone that you will be able to get on with. Make sure that your electrician is approachable, friendly and willing to listen to your ideas!